Cloud Backup - How It Works?

The 'Cloud' backup solution provided by us utilises third party software which encrypts your data before it is pushed to our own secure backend servers located in our server room at our offices. Backups are scheduled and automated to run as frequently as needed using an inituitive user interface.

Client software is installed onto the source machine (server, desktop or laptop). Once the backup has been created and source files selected, the backups can be scheduled to run in the background without impacting the system performance and because it is scheduled youi don't need to remember to run it each day. Data is encrypted before anything leave the source machine, where it is transferred over the Internet to our backup servers. Sucessful transmission and performance is dependent on the Internet connection (upload). Notification is sent via email upon sucess or failure of the backup so you are always kept in the frame.

How Much Does it Cost?

When we mention to people how liitle our Cloud backup service costs, they usually reply is ''it's a no brainer"

Think what you spend on lunch or a coffee each day against what it would cost if you lost some or all of your documents, photo or files... doesn't bare thinking about!!

For less than £1 per day you can backup your data to a secure off-site location where it will be safe from any accidental deletions, corrupt or hard drive failure or any acts of Malicious acts or theft. Version control is also used so even if you want to restore back to a previous version of a document, it can be done.

Need To Backup Multiple Machines?

Easy, our software can be loaded onto as many machines as you like, once you purchase a primary backup service where the initial licence is included, if you want to add any additional machines you simply purchase another licence to add to the backup service.

Need More Storage?

If you need more storage than the base 250GB it won't cost the earth. Storage goes up in 10GB increments at a cost of £2 per month, so for 260GB it will cost £31 per month

Cloud Backup

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, Server 2003 upwards

MAC o/s not currently supported

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