VPN - How It Works

Every time you access the Internet from a public WiFi you are exposing your connection to possible data interception; account login's, passwords, emails, Facebook posts, uploads of photos etc... even your ISP's can see every website which is related to you WAN IP address which is also transmitted. Using a virtual private network (VPN) secures your data in an encrypted tunnel so no-one can spy on you internet activity. Using IP Cloaking free's you from geographical restrictions when you are travelling.

Without VPN Tunnel

Un-encrypted Transmission

With Secure VPN Tunnel

Encrypted VPN Transmission

IP Cloaking

IP Cloaking mask's your real WAN IP address with an anonymous address that cannot not be tracked or traced back to your Internet services.

Your geographical location and web browsing cannot be monitored...

After secure connection you will be issued with a U.S. based IP address.

Anonymous Browsing

Anonymous browsing helps prevent data mining. In today's world, your privacy is important to avoid a profile being learnt from the websites you visit and other information which is publicly available.


High grade encryption will secure your data transmission making it virtually impossible for spammers and criminals to intercept your data and steal your information.

If you access the Internet from public WiFi hot-spots or shared routers your data maybe even more at risk.

Unblock Websites

If your ISP restricts or censors website access, our VPN service and range or pre-configured routers will allow complete and uncensored access to the Internet.

In addition any software or P2P applications blocked by your ISP will be unrestricted by our service.

Why do I need a VPN?

The House of Lords has recently passed a bill allowing the Government to force ISP's to hack into Internet services sold by them so that the data transmitted can be spied on. Despite fierce objections from the ISP companies saying that the legislation is not possible to enforce and potential would make customers unsafe. The most controversial part of the bill is that ISP's are required to keep detailed information on customers browsing for the past 12 months, there is no option for ISP's to opt out of this bill. leading to fears that there is huge potential for this information to be hacked, stolen or leaked.

How can I get a VPN and whats the cost?

We can provide a VPN package that is right for you and your business. These come with a pre-configured router and are easy to install. Take a look at our packages.

Pre-configured Routers

Our range of routers are sent out pre-configured with the details to connect you to the Internet using our secure VPN service. Cost of these routers is included in the annual subscription to the VPN allowing a simple replacement of your existing router without any technical knowledge.

Please take a look at our VPN packages:


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