What size business do your support?

As well as supporting home users, we will also provide support to business where the users base ranges from 2-30 users. Giving support on network hardware & cabling, server and desktops, Microsoft products and some other applications.

Can you supply hardware and software?

Yes, we have very good relations with many of the big suppliers and we can source servers, desktops, laptops and tablets. Also as we are an authorised reseller of Microsoft products we can supply and install software before shipping hardware to site.

Can you provide email services?

Yes, we can ether provide POP3 and IMAP as part of our Web Hosting package or we can provide hosted Microsoft Exchange used by most businesses of any size. Contact us to see what options are suitable for your business.

My PC is running slow, what can I do to improve performance?

This is a common question and one that can have a number of different answers. The most likely cause can be applicaions loaded when Windows starts, some of theses can be found in the system tray as an icon. Other reasons can be background services, Windows updates, scheduled tasks, scans etc. Many of these issues can be solved and in some cases more memory can release new life into a low machine. These days Solid State hard drives are relatively cheap, swapping out your old mechanical hard drive and installing an SSD can dramitcally inprove the performance of your PC. Contact us to find out if we can help.

Is my PC is running out or memory because of my photos and music?

This is a common confusion people make between memory and disk space. Disk space contains files and folders and if too much is loaded (photo, music etc) on to the disk it will cause issues and become full. Memory is the space used to open programs, the more memory your PC has the more efficient and sometimes quicker it will be opening multiple programs.

In simplistic terms; Think of your filing cabinet as your hard drive and your desk as memory. The bigger the desk the more folders you can get out and open.

How do I access my Exchange email via OWA?

Follow this link to log into Outlook Web Access. This is useful when you are without your laptop or smartphone and need to gain access easily from another computer.

Exchange 2013 - https://www.cas/cloudplatform1.com Exchange 2016 - https://webmail.giacomp.com/owa/auth/logon.aspx?

Can you provide computer hardware?

Yes. We have good relations which several large suppliers and distributors and we will strive to get a good price on anything from desktop, laptops,servers and network equipment. Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

How do I setup IMAP or POP3 email in Outlook

Its releativley straight forward to setup, please be aware of the difference of IMAP and POP3. Follow these simple instructions (based on Outlook 2010)

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